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The Sidings,
Waterloo Station,
London SE1 7BH

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Award-winning London artist Max Marshall’s second solo show is here at The Sidings, Waterloo from April 23 – 27. Marshall’s huge prints immerse you in a vivid world of bold shapes and colours. Marshall’s second solo show “Majesty” is a celebration of the reign of the late Queen Elizabeth II illustrated by banknotes from around the world from the 1950’s onwards.

The Majesty show in April coincides with the month of the Queen’s birthday. She ruled from the age of 25 until she passed away at 96 and was widely respected for her integrity and work ethic. In an era of female empowerment, the Queen was the most famous and influential woman in the world. The Queen is a global icon, immortalised by Andy Warhol in similar style to his Marilyn screenprints. A Warhol Queen Elizabeth II will set you back £954,667. At the Majesty show, prices are more affordable with works available from £500.

There’s a limited number of free tickets available for the launch party on Wed April 24th, with access strictly by invitation only. If you’d like to request a ticket, follow Max on Instagram @maximagesmax and send him a direct message telling him why the Majesty show appeals to you.




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