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Monday to

8AM – 8PM

9AM – 7PM

The Sidings,
Waterloo Station,
London SE1 7BH

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December 2 - December 8

AI Sparks Artistic Revolution: Marc Craig Unveils Max The Virus” 


Max The Virus aka Marc Craig will be showing 4 new large paintings in the first week of On The Side exhibition to celebrate Max The Virus being exactly 1 year old. From his humble beginnings as a compelling manifestation on an AI platform he has been absorbed into Marc‘s signature doodle style and now can be seen spreading across the walls and ceilings of Leake Street. Marc will be doing a large scale mural in Leake Street during the week as part of his being the Artist In Residence in Leake Street. 

You can also check out his new Max The Virus prints HEROINES which will be on show and for sale in Leake Street Galleries. 

Lastly check out his ode to the famous portrait of Napoleon, which is his inclusion to the 1m x 1m artwork element of On The Side.

London-based artist Marc Craig, celebrated for his iconic doodle street art style, embarks on an exhilarating artistic odyssey. Since 2015, Craig’s artistry has graced the iconic Leake Street beneath Waterloo Station, echoing the footsteps of the renowned street artist Banksy

In late 2022, Craig embarked on a quest for fresh creative horizons, immersing himself in the realm of Al-generated art, yielding intriguing and occasionally surreal results. It was a serendipitous November night when a friend suggested that he harness the Al prowess of DALLE to craft a street art character inspired by the prevalent virus theme. From a whirlwind of possibilities, a remarkable creation emerged, bursting forth from the digital canvas. 

Infused with boundless inspiration, Craig promptly set out to bring this Al-born vision to life, giving rise to Max The Virus. While Al may initially seem daunting to artists, Craig champions its potential as a powerful tool for expanding creative boundaries. The key, he underscores, lies in infusing Al-generated output with one’s distinctive creative essence-an alchemy akin to an evolved Pinterest. 

Max The Virus embarks on an exciting creative journey, continually evolving with each stride. To connect with Marc Craig regarding Max The Virus or delve into the captivating fusion of art and Al, inquiries can be directed to marccraigartist@icloud.com. Witness the convergence of creativity and technology as Craig’s artistic landscape undergoes a groundbreaking transformation. 

This ongoing series of digital artworks pays homage to Marc Craig’s heroines, influential women who have left an indelible mark on his life in various capacities. From the realms of music, acting, fashion, painting, and beyond, these remarkable women have been catalysts for Craig’s creative evolution. Max The Virus, a culmination of inspired elements, owes its existence to these extraordinary women, an integral part of its essence. 

Discover more about MAX THE VIRUS at www.maxthevirus.com, where the fascinating journey continues to unfold. 

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