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28 April 2024

The South Bank is one of the most photogenic places in London, making it perfect if you are looking to up your Instagram game. From world-famous, iconic landmarks, to the new hip hangouts that will take your grid to the next level, these are the best Instagram spots in the South Bank.

Tower Bridge

Starting with one of the most popular spots in London, never mind the South Bank, Tower Bridge is the place if you’re looking for that picture perfect postcard! 

Try getting to this location early in the morning as it’s much quieter, and you might be lucky enough to avoid cars photo bombing in the background. The best place to snap a picture is from one side of the Thames, you could stand in front of the Tower of London on the north bank or position yourself in front of City Hall and Potters Fields Park alongside the South Bank. 

We love the creative angle of this shot of Tower Bridge by _aaperspective_ .

FYI: If you’re just visiting London for the day, make this the top of your list as it’s one of the most famous sights in the city! 

Don’t be afraid to put yourself in the picture, how cool is this from keahukahuanui?

View of St Paul’s from Millennium Bridge

Keep strolling down the river, via South Bank or Victoria Embankment, and you’ll reach Millennium Bridge. If you position yourself between the Tate Modern (another good insta opp) and St Paul’s Cathedral you can capture a great shot of both. Also, if you try zooming out to 0.5 you can really capture the full panoramic and historic views. 

Just look at this amazing shot from @londonpopbox

Leake Street graffiti tunnel for street art

Now for something a little different… There’s a location close to The Sidings that is the ultimate instagram wall, and it never stays the same! 

If you head down to the South Bank, you’ll find a tunnel tucked away underneath the tracks of Waterloo station celebrating the creativity of urban culture.

Many call it the “Banksy Tunnel” as it’s bursting with ever-changing colourful murals of graffitti, so it’s likely next time you visit you’ll have a totally different tunnel of artwork compared to your original photo. 

You can really capture the grungy feel of the tunnel if you shoot from the top looking straight down the middle, or by getting close up to see the detail of the graffiti. 

Don’t worry, all the graffiti is legal, a part of London’s street art scene! You could try and capture street artists as they make their mark on this famous tunnel. 

Such as the talented @tash_creates_

Southbank Centre 

Are you looking for a block colour backdrop to get a snap of your outfit (#ootd)? 

If so, the yellow Southbank Centre stairs are perfect, especially for capturing that summer vibe. You can strike a pose in front of the yellow wall or stand looking out of the windy staircase. We love this vibrant post from @brokedirtyblonde.

The London Eye

This is (literally) one of the capital’s biggest attractions, with over 3.5 million people visiting every year and has been posted on Instagram with the hashtag #londoneye more than 3.4 million times!!!

Capture panoramic views of London from one of the thirty two glass capsules to get a sky shot of London, or from the square in front of the wheel or just across the river – which is one of the most popular spots as you can get a full view of the attraction.

Catch it at golden hour, around 9pm in Summer and watch the light glisten off the water for a stunning shot. 

Alternatively, try to get there early in the morning and you might avoid the awkwardness of having too many people ruin your photo!  Or you could embrace the London hustle and bustle and get a picture like this one from @amandhasa.

The ‘Beach’ on the Thames

For a more original view of the South Bank, head down to the beach! 

Catch the low tide on the Thames when the murky waters reveal an urban ‘beach’ filled with fine sand and the beautifully textured, exposed wooden beams holding up the piers. In the Summer months the low tide can commonly be found around 9:12h and  21:30h.

An unexpected location and not one you’d recognise as London, makes this an even more appealing location for Insta enthusiasts!  As well as getting some sandy snaps you could look for a different view of the city skyline we love this image by @sw11_marie

Top Tip: this summer look out for the amazing sand sculptures created by local artists!

Lower Marsh Street and Market

Running parallel to Waterloo, Lower Marsh is one of London’s oldest and most loved market streets. On top of the very popular market that makes for some amazing shots, many of the shops are packed with character and provide great Instagram backdrops. One of our favourite shops is Greensmiths, and this picture from @stowawayhotels is one we love.

Happy snapping! Tag us in your pictures @SidingsWaterloo to be included in our next round-up.

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