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8AM – 8PM

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The Sidings,
Waterloo Station,
London SE1 7BH

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‘Beautiful’ Pop-up Art Exhibition

29 September 2023

“BEAUTIFUL!”: Celebrating Womanhood and Artistic Resilience at The Sidings, Waterloo Station London

In the heart of the iconic Waterloo Station in The Sidings, a landmark of history and cultural significance, a vibrant celebration of womanhood and artistic expression is set to unfold. “BEAUTIFUL!” is an extraordinary exhibition that brings together the creative talents of seven remarkable women artists, each exploring the depths of life, memories, and human connection through their art. This exhibition also marks the culmination of the 10th-anniversary celebrations of the independent arts charity, “no barking aRt,” which has supported over 160 artists on their artistic journeys in London.

“Beautiful is a verb,” as the exhibition’s tagline suggests, encapsulates the essence of womanhood. It reflects the idea that true beauty is found when one transcends the self, a sentiment once echoed by the eminent philosopher Mr. Krishnamurti. The “BEAUTIFUL!” exhibition delves into a wide array of themes, from the contemplation of wars and the complexities of ageing to the cherished memories of childhood, the intricate relationships between mothers and daughters, and the profound experience of parenthood.

Guest artists Inga Levy, hailing from Ukraine, and the award-winning writer Karen Raney, both bring their unique perspectives to this artistic dialogue. Inga Levy’s project, “Double Exposure,” intimately captures the harrowing reality of life during the ongoing Russian War in her homeland. Karen Raney’s artistry is akin to Michelangelo sculpting his David but with monkeys as her muses.

These guest artists join the talented roster of London-based women artists, including painters Liz Derbyshire and Songul Yilmaz, photographers Natalia Jezova and Giovanna Del Sarto, and sculptor Kaori Sogaba. The collective artistic synergy between these artists transform the exhibition into a symphony of emotions and experiences.

“BEAUTIFUL!” is not just an art show; it’s a sensory journey that transcends traditional aesthetics. It’s more “Four Seasons” than Vivaldi, pulsating with life and energy. The exhibition lays bare the transformative power of art, aiming to provide solace and inspiration to travellers passing through the historic Waterloo Station.

Why Waterloo Station, why The Sidings?

Waterloo Station has always been a melting pot of artistic expression and cultural significance. From its early days as a gateway to the city, welcoming artists, musicians, and writers, to its role as a symbol of resilience during World War II, this station’s history is interwoven with the arts. Artists have used their talent to capture the station’s essence through murals and commemorative pieces, paying homage to the strength and unity of the people during challenging times.

The grand architecture and bustling energy of Waterloo have long inspired artists who have sought to capture its spirit through various artistic mediums. The station’s strategic location has also made it a prime venue for temporary exhibitions and cultural events, such as the contemporary arts scene brought to life by “The Sidings.”

Event Details
Date: October 6-11, 2023
Opening Reception (Private View): October 6, 2023, 6-8 PM Location: The Sidings, Waterloo Station, Unit G15

Co-curator: Shizico Yi
Admission: FREE
Presented by: no barking aRt, London 2023

Join us for a captivating journey into the world of “BEAUTIFUL!” as we explore the boundless beauty within us all through the eyes of these talented women artists.

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