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Father’s Day on the South Bank

12 June 2023

Has it been a whole year since we last got to celebrate all our amazing Dads? It would appear so, otherwise this blog would seem a bit silly. That means it’s time we do lots of investigating and find you some fun experiences to do with your Dad around the South Bank area, including some incredible options right under our roof here at The Sidings – you can thank us later.

Some Amazing Experiences Around South Bank

If you have a game-obsessed Dad then you need to take him to an interactive gem in South Bank, Immersive Gamebox is one of the fastest-growing experiences in the UK with new venues popping up all the time and we are lucky to have one on our doorstep.

For the eighties obsessive Dad, we’d recommend the Alien Aptitude Test (London 84), but in truth, any of the ten games available would be great for him, with maybe the exception of the Paw Patrol one! The premise is simple, you are in a box with screens on three sides of you, whilst you wear a very fetching visor with sensors on top that track your movement around the room, so your head becomes your live joystick.

If he’s looking for something a little more arty but still interactive, then we’d have to point you towards Leake Street and the Graffiti Tunnel. Don’t worry, we are not suggesting you just walk down and look at some of the coolest graffiti in London, no, we are recommending you create some yourselves. 

Imagine turning up with Dad and getting out the spray cans and creating your own street art, that’s exactly what you can do at the Leake Street Arches Graffiti Workshop. You don’t just get a 2-hour workshop and the chance to spray paint on some of their iconic walls, he also gets to create a graffiti art piece to take home as a reminder of a great Father’s Day.

If Dad is more traditional, then why not head to one of the most popular attractions in London, where you get to scare your poor old Dad – we can be cruel at times! The London Dungeons have been a staple for visitors going back nearly 50 years and has remained popular for a reason. 

It’s a 90-minute walkthrough attraction that takes you through the gory and macabre history of London, full of interactive experiences, 360-degree sets and live performers that will make it a fun and memorable day.

Time For The Theatre?

If your Dad’s preference is sitting back, relaxing and watching a show, can we encourage you to pop across the river and a short 10-minute walk to the Adelphi Theatre to watch the best new show to hit the West End and Broadway in years. Voted best new musical at the 2022 Olivier’s, Back To The Future The Musical, could be just what Dad needs.

Considered the feel-good hit of the summer, this will put a smile on your Dad’s face. If he doesn’t remember the film this is still an amazing experience with loads of uplifting songs he will recognise, but if he is a fan of the movie, then Great Scott, will he love you for booking him a trip back in time.

If that isn’t quite his cup of team and you are looking for something a little more cultured, why not catch a show at Shakespeare’s Globe, the authentic reproduction of the original Globe Theatre where most of the Bard’s original plays took place.

For the best experience, we recommend the cheapest seats! Those right down the front, which involve standing and looking up at proceedings, it’s an experience unlike any other theatre. Right now you can catch The Comedy Of Errors, which any well-read Dad will tell you is laugh-out-loud good. If you don’t want to catch the whole show, why not take in the Globe Story & Tour, where you get to see the theatre and learn all about its history.

Is Anyone Hungry?

If Dad is all about good food and even better company, then we have an exclusive for you! At The Sidings, we are delighted to announce that Rosarium, the latest dining experience from the masters of immersive experience at Labyrinth, is opening its doors here at The Sidings just a couple of days before Father’s Day. 

If you follow our social media for updates, as well as the Rosarium itself, you might just spot a few opening weekend deals. That way, you get a Gastronomic Adventure and a bargain all in one.

Time For A Drink

We saved our favourite experiences for last because we know those involving a good drink are popular with most dads. Let us start with a visit to the biggest BrewDog pub in the world and learn the secrets of their beer making – we are off to Beer School

Sample five different beers, all paired with the perfect cheese board – I don’t know many dads that wouldn’t jump at that opportunity. 

Don’t think this is just an excuse for a beer (although would that be so bad…), in fact over the course of 90 minutes, you’ll learn all about the history of each beer, how they were brewed and even the foods that you should be pairing with them. You will even learn about the craft beer revolution from the last ten years and BrewDog’s role in it.

If your Dad is more of a wine snob, then we’d like to point you in the direction of a great wine-tasting experience at Brasserie Blanc on South Bank. For just £95 you’ll get to try 15 different wines, covering whites, reds, desert wines and even some fizz. But what tops this off for us is pairing these wines with food, as included in your day is a 3-course lunch.

Learn how to taste wine like a professional and what Dad doesn’t like to be that expert at dinner advising everyone around him on what’s the right choice from the menu. 

Now our last option is a little bit of a cheat because you cannot book it over Father’s Day weekend, but you can still give it as a gift on the day, then enjoy one of the other great experiences above, before the following weekend going on a craft beer cruise.

That’s right, take a two-and-a-half hour cruise on the River Thames, and let Dad see some of the best attractions in London, all whilst trialling five incredible new craft beers alongside food chosen from local artisan makers. And if anyone doesn’t like beer, they offer craft cider and cocktails as an alternative, so everyone is catered for.

Gifts, Gifts and More Gifts

The best dads deserve more than one present, so if you are looking to top up that experience you’ve organised for him, why not buy a gift from the stores we have inside The Sidings.

If he likes Chocolates, and can you trust anyone that doesn’t, then you won’t find any finer options for him than the world-famous Neuhaus chocolates, the inventors of praline as we know it today.

For the man that likes to be pampered, why not treat him to some high-quality shaving essentials from our friends at Kiehl’s. Upgrade his shaving routine and let him experience the smoothest shave ever.

If you are looking for a tailored Father’s Day gift, then pop over to the Southbank Centre gift shop and have a look at the many options, or just go online and get them sent straight to his door.

If by some miracle all these options don’t work for your Dad, then we will end by going the safest route of all – get him a bottle of something nice. Pop into the Sainsburys at the front of The Sidings and pick up a nice bottle of wine or some classy craft beers, whatever is his preference, he’ll always thank you for it.

One final thought, if you have had a lovely day around South Bank and just want a nice cocktail before you head home, the delightful Black Sheep Coffee has just opened its doors at the entrance to The Sidings and it’s a little-known fact they actually serve cocktails in the evening!

So there you have it, Father’s Day boxed off and with all that time on research saved, make sure you use it to spend quality time with your Dad, which is after all the best present of them all.

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